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Ecstasy in guru disciple relationship


Before writing this article, I would like to invoke the blessings one of my important Guru Swami Chinmayananda Ji. He is not only my outer guru but my inner guru too. I have never got a chance to meet him personally, but I have learned a lot about spirituality through His self-written books. I wish that while writing this article, his blessings would align with my thoughts and I write this article as best as possible.

My personal experience

I have gained my knowledge of spirituality from many eminent gurus like Swami Chinmayananda, Srila Prabhupada, Rajnish Osho, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Sri Ramakrishna and many more. I never got a chance to meet them personally, but I have a reading habit and I used that habit in understanding spirituality. The good thing about these gurus is that even if they are not present personally in our life, they start transforming our lives just by ideas (entered in our brain) they spoke during their lifetime. More and more thoughts about their work we access, the deeper relationship we start developing with them. We should understand that all great thinkers and spiritualist, they exist in this world even after they left their physical body. Also, their vibrations get stronger and stronger inside you with the passage of time. They bless us with more strength. Their aura is always around us in form of their thoughts and spiritual power. We just need to study and reflect on their ideas.

Qualities of Guru

Guru has to be the spiritually advanced person. He must have experienced deep meditation. His thoughts have to be crystal clear. He must feel oneness with the whole cosmos. Guru can recognize the inner needs of his disciple at first glance.  He knows the inner strength and weakness of his disciple.  He can guide his disciple even from long distance. He can listen to the cries of his disciple, even if both are far away. Guru loves his disciple more than himself. Guru removes the darkness from the soul of the disciple. Guru gives enthusiasm to his disciple. Guru imparts understanding to disciple how to live life in the best way. Guru teaches his disciple skills of meditation. Guru solves the inner problems of his disciple. Guru gives hope and mission to disciple to live life.


Qualities of disciple

Disciple has to be a spiritual aspirant. He should be eager to know the reason for his existence, outside environment, and the relationship between them. The disciple should be ready to give lots of efforts to understand spirituality. The disciple needs to be humble and ready to learn from a guru. The disciple must test the guru through queries and build faith on Him. The disciple should have strong willpower. The disciple should have enough amount of devotion within himself. The disciple must have the interest to know inner self. The disciple should be frustrated with happenings of the outer world. The disciple should have an interest in knowing the true meaning of love, faith, and knowledge. The disciple should be eager to overcome his imperfections.




Why Guru-Disciple meets?

Guru is a guru because he is the best teacher and disciple is a disciple because he is the good learner. The Guru and disciple both feel unfulfilled until they do not meet each other. Guru wants to outflow his blessings, teachings, love, and benevolence to some worthy disciple and disciple who is eager to know needs right guidance from a right guru. Whenever Guru and disciple meets, there is lots of ecstatic feeling both get. And as their relationship grows, this ecstatic feeling keeps growing. Guru meets his disciple deep within disciple. The teaching of guru happens within disciple is through subtle intuitions. Initially, the disciple may need a guru in physical form, but in later stages, the disciple can communicate with his guru from inside. Guru and disciple get in deep love with each other and both feel oneness within them. In later stages, they can understand each other through eye contact, keywords or even distant inner thoughts transfer.


How do Guru-Disciple meets?

The search for guru initiates in disciple when he starts questioning everything about the outer world, when he feels the hollowness in outer relationships, when he gets a financial setback, when he finds some of his loved ones died, when he gets deeply sick and when he faces deep agony. The search of guru can also initiate in disciple when he starts questioning about creator and creation of the world. Initially, this search is fickle and disciple feels the urge for Guru for some period in the day, week or month. Gradually, this search becomes intense and disciple start finding answers to his questions like a mad person. At this moment, he meets his guru. Meeting of Guru and disciple happens naturally, no one can’t enforce it. When genuine guru and right disciple meet, they find the feeling of oneness within them and find deep interest for each other. When Sri Ramakrishna met first time to Narender (Swami Vivekananda), he felt deep love for Swami Vivekananda. And when he showed that love to Swami Vivekananda, Swami Vivekananda couldn’t resist it (though at start Swami Vivekananda found Sri Ramakrishna as an insane person) and gradually got attracted towards Sri Ramakrishna.

Consequences of Guru-Disciple meeting

Meeting of true guru and disciple is not only beneficial for them but beneficial for the whole world also. The outflow of love felt by guru and disciple gradually reaches to outside world also in the form of thoughts or feelings of guru or disciple. Their meeting initiates deep transformation in the inner world of both. Deep inside their inner worlds are also connected with the whole cosmos. So, whole cosmos start getting help from that meeting.  Guru-disciple relationship is not on the mental, physical or intellectual platform like relationships among us. But, it’s a totally spiritual connection between heart to heart and soul to soul. Guru takes the whole responsibility of his disciple to teach him the true meaning of life. Guru shows him the path of freedom.  In nutshell, the guru-disciple relationship is the best relationship among all relationships and everyone should aspire for that.

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