Spirituality and meditation

Meditation: Self-healing process


Meditation: Introduction

Meditation is not for those who are scared to look into and accept their dark side. Every unmeditative mind has a dark side in his character and it keeps on torturing him/her in terms of anger or self-agony. When the human mind starts meditating, it doesn’t get transformed initially, but firstly acceptance of the dark side of itself happens. When the human mind starts feeling meditative, he is first able to realize that everything – good or bad in his mind is just a dream or imagination. Certain dreams are so painful and strong that the human mind starts feeling that they are real and cannot be overcome. With whomsoever that mind communicates its problem, they generally advise to just suppress these and don’t encourage him or her to accept that inner problem.  Due to this, that particular state of mind feels threatened and it starts the process of transforming itself rather than accepting the existence of that state of mind. This happens because of family / social pressure as depression is not accepted in this world and society does not want to take responsibility for the process of its transformation. No doubt, the dark depressive state exists for everyone as everyone gets angry with self or others at one time or the other. Everyone feels self-pity at some point in time. Everyone feels like crying within or outside because of loneliness inside him/her. This happens because of dark nature within. Ignoring and suppressing that dark side creates anger and attitude of self-pity within them. The first thing to understand is that ignoring the darker side of oneself will not solve the problem. One has to work on it and take this head on. Sometimes human mind has so depressive thoughts within, that this totally feels incapable of coming out of it.  These unfortunate people keep on trying many ways like psychiatry, medicines, yoga, and self- expression to others, etc. But they are just not able to come out of it.

Process of meditation

The only process to overcome the deep dark side of oneself is meditation. But what is meditation? Most of the people even feel scared by the word meditation. They are totally unaware of methods of meditation. They are having no faith in meditation. They just feel naïve to this topic. Meditation is actually the process which makes you aware of your own self – dark as well as bright sides. It helps you to accept yourself as what you are. It helps you in subsiding argumentative thoughts happening within you. Once self-acceptance happens, meditation starts transforming the human mind. It culminates in the total transformation of oneself. What do we mean by total transformation? It means to see everything in mind is dream except the existence of the pure self (not identified with mind, body or intellect). Meditation helps the human mind to see oneself, to see that he is separate from his thoughts and mind. Meditation allows the human mind to enter the realm of happiness, peace, self-love, self-acceptance, acceptance of his outside condition and people. Meditation makes the human mind more truthful to oneself. It starts the self-healing process. Meditation helps oneself in creating strong will power on the basis of self-understanding rather than self-denial. Meditation makes you enter in your subconscious mind, the thoughts which got stored inside your causal body during your past times or past lives. It exposes those suppressed thoughts and it helps you to heal the unhealthy part of these.


Bliss through meditation

Deep inside, the human mind is adamantly under stress due to social pressure, career pressure, self-responsibility, the responsibility of others, and so on. Human mind tries many ways to overcome that stress. But in the process of trying, it gets more and more stressful. Every human has a source of bliss or peace within him. As spirituality claims, the nature of the soul is bliss. But most of the human doesn’t get access to their souls. They remain at their mental level. They believe that there is no constant source of bliss for them and if happiness exists, it exists temporarily and more to their agony, they believe that temporary happiness can even be achieved through external world or interconnectedness of their senses with the external world. They don’t have any idea of the inner source of bliss, which has been their hidden and unaware companion since birth. Now the question arises, how to get access to that source? Peaceful nature of soul can be accessed by focusing on the natural breathing process happening within oneself. Breath doesn’t happen on our will, it just happens as the soul within oneself doesn’t radiate at our will, it just radiates. No matter how much our mind is stressful, breath happens automatically, continuously, at a constant rate and in rhythm. Just being in touch for some period of time (say half an hour to one hour) with our own natural breath, the mind starts absorbing the peace within the breath. This, in turn, starts transforming the mind from stressful state to a peaceful state. As the human mind focuses more and more on the peaceful, blissful natural breath, mind relinquishes all its disturbing thoughts and starts entering the world of bliss. In other words, the human mind gets the source of charging itself and become more and more productive. To use your brain with stressful thoughts is like loading a donkey with lots of bricks and make it walk. It is very much necessary for recharging our brain as charging of the mobile phone is required after it gets discharged.

Handling of thoughts

Now there is one more thing to observe while focusing on the natural breath that one can see own mind separate from itself. In whatever state the mind is, it is because of how we have handled our thoughts in the past. Our choice to deal with that state of mind directly and inadvertently will only create suppression of that state. The disturbed state of mind can only be dealt through focusing on peace within oneself. This peace is not created, but observed (as it always exists) and appreciated through keen inner eyes. One may complain that he doesn’t see any peace within him. But spiritual science explains that even our turmoil thoughts reside on the pure plane of consciousness. Due to this reason, every human being has a chance to heal back to natural condition. So as long as one is alive, he must accept that there is something peaceful, blissful within him over which his temporary disturbing inner world resides. The only problem is that person has access to its gross body, not to its causal body.

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