Spirituality and meditation

Nature of mind and soul


Nature of mind and soul

Every mind has its nature. But we should not misinterpret the nature of mind as nature of the soul. Mind by nature is always under turbulence because of sadness, excitement, jealousy, hatred, lust etc. But the nature of the soul is very peaceful. When a human being is identified with the mind, he or she feels the world is full of disturbing elements. But when a human being is identified with the soul, he or she feels lots of positive vibes within him like the feeling of love, happiness, peace, ecstasy, etc. The process of renouncing mind and accepting soul as its nature is known as meditation. As one goes deeper and deeper into this process, one starts entering into deeper and deeper meditation.  This makes the human being receptive to more positive qualities of oneself.

Qualities of soul

Until a person learns the methods to focus the mind on its soul, it doesn’t feel free in oneself. He finds himself dependent on outside people, circumstances, etc. He doesn’t feel self-integrity. He may not dare to take decision full heartedly. Some outside factors will surely influence his decision making. The being who is totally soul dependent is very strong minded too. He gets data/views from different sources of outside world like friends, relatives, and the environment but takes decision independently. Independent decision means reflecting on all the information one has got from outside and take decision accordingly. This reflection is unbiased, deep, creative, innovative and of full of self-learning. Others will start finding some uniqueness in the nature of that person. This person does not run, where the whole world is running but make its own path and on later stages, he himself and others around him realize that the path chosen by him is the best path for him. The path one chooses should totally be based upon analysis of his own nature, it should not be only according to other’s advice. Sometimes parents force their children to do that which is not according to their nature. In result, the child gets uncomfortable and never succeeds in life. Actually, parents should not make decisions for their children, but teach the child how to understand his nature and act accordingly. Even in Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna has taught to work according to one’s own nature. Whole Bhagavad Gita was based upon how to understand one’s own nature and take decision accordingly.

Dealing with outside theories

There have been many renowned thinkers who have given their commentaries on soul and mind analysis on the basis of their own experiences. One should always try to expose the mind to those theories. It will help them to reflect more and more in their life. But one should not get dependent on those theories or thinkers. One must understand that what others are saying are their own experiences. Everyone has to find its own way according to its nature. No one can live a life of another person, no matter how much connected you feel to the other person. Even in some strongly bonded teacher-student relationship, teacher understand that deep inside student and he himself are same, but still, he respects the uniqueness of his student and after teaching student, he expects his student to find his own path.




Types of minds

Can the human mind know the soul? This is a very important question. Spirituality reveals that spirit reveals itself after seeing how much genuinely that human mind put efforts, but the human mind on its own can never understand the soul. And this truth is accepted by many mystic thinkers after self-experience, as revealed by them through their talks and books. Different minds have different ways to know the soul. Some minds are emotional and they understand the soul through deep love to its ideal, guru or idea. Some minds are rational, and they see things so objectively rejecting all emotions with the truth. They do a scientific study of the soul and finally experience the soul. But most of the souls are mixed and they follow the mixed path of emotions and rationality. And through correct understanding and efforts, they too reach the destination.

Psychology and spirituality

Interaction of the soul with the mind is also a very interesting phenomenon. Thoughts in mind vibrate through the help of the soul. Soul itself does not transform the thoughts, it just exposes the state of mind according to qualities of mind: Goodness, Laziness, Passionate in a mixed form by these different qualities and it is in purest form within. It is like electricity (as a soul) flowing through different electrical appliances (as minds). Different electrical appliances act according to its inner qualities and their application is due to the purest form of electricity. Electricity does not interfere in the applications of appliances, it just energizes the appliance to work on its own nature. Similarly, the soul doesn’t interfere with the workings of the human brain, it just activates it. At the time of death, the brain stops expressing itself as if the source of its expression has gone out of the body. This gives us validation that brain and soul are two different things. This gives rise to two different sciences in terms of the mental plane: Science of brain or human mind (Psychology) and Science of the soul (Spirituality). There is literature available which pertain to purely psychology and purely to spirituality. If one tries to understand psychology thoroughly, one will reach to the core of the substratum of working of the mind and if one tries to understand spirituality thoroughly, he can’t avoid understanding soul relationship with the mind. In other words, mind and soul communicate with each other so intricately that even though the mind and soul are separate, they seem inseparable. Only through thorough understanding, one can reach the experience, where he sees everything separate from soul and at that time, he himself is identified with its purest nature called soul. That stage is a state of nirvana. That stage is so blissful and beautiful and gives the experiencer feeling of heaven within himself, even though outside he may be living in hell environment. This was what was experienced by Jesus Christ even at the time of His crucifixion.

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