Emotional intelligence in organizations


Importance of emotional intelligence in management and leadership

Emotional intelligence is very important in management and leadership. Those who are more emotionally intelligent can manage things, people, circumstances, projects etc. in a better way. Also, people who have good emotional quotient are able to lead themselves and others better way. Emotional intelligence gives people the ability to understand the emotions of self and others. Influencing, interacting, friendliness, motivating, connecting to others have become efficient through emotional intelligence. This helps in managing people better way.  Gaining faith and credibility of others would be easier for them who are more emotionally intelligent. Those managers or leaders who can’t connect emotionally with others tend to fail in the long run. There are many managers or leaders who create lots of stress to get their work done. They play mind games, create a negative environment in the organization, manage people by blackmailing emotionally etc. They may also get the result, but temporary results and they also lose the respect of their colleagues or followers. We have heard of many conflicts happened in the organization because of wrong relationships between upper management and employees. Emotionally intelligent leaders create a very strong impact on the minds and hearts of their followers. They are able to develop faith among followers for themselves.

The relation between emotional intelligence and task performance

Emotional intelligence has a direct influence on task performance. Those employees who are more intelligent emotionally can perform their tasks in a better way. It has been realized that emotionally intelligent people can deal with work stress in a better way. Also, their motivation is high and performs their task more smartly and efficiently. They need lesser time to recover from work fatigue.  They know how to deal with their emotions while performing different tasks. Those who have lesser emotional intelligence, they let their mind focus on emotional turmoil more than the task required. They also don’t deal with other colleagues proper way. It has been found by the HR team that employees with better emotional intelligence have a stronger tendency to get promoted on the basis of task performance. Also, those employees have more loyalty. They stay in the company for a longer time. They do better planning to execute their tasks. They also finish their task within the time limit. They influence their seniors and colleague much better way. Emotionally intelligent employees are creative and find new ways to complete their tasks promisingly. Emotions interact in very subtle ways with the attitude of employees to perform the task in a positive or negative way. One can’t avoid the emotional plane consciousness of oneself when performing some task. Enthusiasm or dullness in the task is very deeply linked with the state of emotions in the human mind.

Cultivating emotional intelligence at the workplace

Having good emotional intelligence create a positive environment in your workplace. Emotional intelligence gives strength to deal with oneself and others too.  Emotional intelligence helps you to develop a right and healthy relationship with others in the workplace. Emotional intelligence gives maturity to deal with seniors and higher management. In case, wrong and immature emotions are prevailing in the environment, then it creates negativity in the environment. In case, employees are not emotionally intelligent, then teamwork is next to impossible. Employees will hide or create false information. Emotions like jealousy, hatred, inside competition, pressure etc. would be more in the organization. Leaders and managers of an organization should train employees to show the right behavior while interacting with each other.  Also, there should be learning, sharing and self-development attitude in the organization. Organizations should understand that employees are human beings, not robots and can be more efficiently utilized if organizations understand the emotions of the employees too. There should be getting together, family meetings, games, and parties etc. too to relax the employees from daily routines. Companies, where employees are more emotionally stable, have better chances to grow in the market. So it is very important to deal with employees emotions inefficient ways.

Emotional intelligence in conflict management

Even in conflict management, emotional intelligence is very important.  People with good emotional intelligence deal in conflicts better way. They are able to control their emotions smartly with themselves and others during conflicts. The major cause of the conflicts in the organizations takes place on the plane of emotions. Any emotional disturbance creates conflicts within the organization. Those companies which use employees as objects or resources have to pay in long run. This company management is the creator of smaller conflicts within the organizations, which would turn out to be bigger conflicts in the longer run. Many conflicts can be avoided just by proper dealings in the emotional plane. Leaders and managers who are emotionally intelligent can solve many big conflicts easily by displaying the right emotions. Even many conflicts can be avoided if positive emotions are communicated among employees. If conflicts within the organizations are not controlled properly, they can create big troubles in organizations. Many good organizations give deep thinking to possibilities of conflicts and manage them with right dealings with employees. It is better to manage possibilities of conflicts rather falling trap in conflicts in the future. Conflict management requires a balanced solution in terms of ideas and emotions.

Emotional intelligence in teamwork

Emotional intelligence helps in building teams also. Productivity is more when there is teamwork. History has shown that many big accomplishments have occurred because of good teamwork. Larger projects are executed in lesser time because of effective teamwork. Team building is a very important aspect in the development of organizations. The team always consist of humans and there are lots of emotional transaction between team members. There should be proper management of emotional behavior of team members for efficient performance.



Emotional intelligence skills as a strategy for the development of business


Emotional intelligence helps a lot in developing a strategy for business development. Businesses run by humans and for getting employees to act in the vision of an organization, higher management must deal with employees efficiently. If employees are emotionally happy, they will work more happily and efficiently. Emotional intelligence teaches us to deal with humans in the more efficient and friendly way. No managers or leaders can make long-term relationships with their employees or customers until they don’t apply their emotional intelligence. Every human has emotional needs and only those organizations can sustain long terms, who fulfill as well as deal with emotions of their stakeholders efficiently. Not only this, entrepreneurs, leaders and managers need to deal with their own emotions intelligently too. To keep oneself and the whole organization towards the vision, it is very important to act intelligently in terms of the emotional plane too. Emotional intelligence is the need for the development of today’s business.










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