Spirituality and meditation

The dilemma between following spirituality and getting rich


Goal of spirituality

This is one of the major problem happening with people, will I become poor if I follow spirituality? Do I have to renounce my desire of becoming rich, getting wealthy, enjoying prosperity and material kingdom? The answer is yes as well as no also. This may confuse the modern society? But to understand this, one has to understand first what spirituality is? And then what is the right method to get rich? The first most important lesson to learn from spirituality is to understand what is the final goal of the following spirituality? It is to achieve deep most meditative mind. It doesn’t matter what religion you follow: Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islamic or Christianity, if you haven’t reached the state of meditation, then either you are still learning or haven’t understood correctly the aim of your own religion. Today, the whole world is fighting on the name of their religion forgetting that their religion is only meant to achieve a common goal i.e. blissful meditation. People get entangled in their means and misunderstood it as the goal of life.

The balance of spirituality and materialistic life

Spirituality is a science of the soul. Many immature minds fall in the trap that following spirituality will make them renounce their materialistic goals. Since they are attached to their material prosperity so they keep themselves away from the science of spirituality.  One thing one has to understand that spirituality never asks one to live in poverty to follow spiritual wisdom. The purpose of spirituality is to make the human mind full of virtues like love, knowledge, enthusiasm, peace, happiness, and blissfulness. One has to develop both wealth as well as spiritual wisdom. They both are not contradictory. If one tries to balance spiritual wisdom as well as try to prosper materialistically, then he learns the methods to keep himself calm and peaceful during the stressful time during his career development and this will help him to become more efficient and productive to enter in the areas of earning wealth.

Requirement of wealth

Too much attachment to wealth makes the human mind greedy and selfish. Spirituality teaches the human mind to earn wealth but not getting attached deeply to it. One should understand that wealth is necessary for you and your family so that one can take care of their day to day needs, living a comfortable life and use for enjoyment also. But if one has money in excess then he should share that money for the development of others also who need the help of your wealth. This will help you in gaining good wishes from others also. They will help you in the future, give you blessings to you to prosper matter and blessings does matter for further growth. If your desire to earn more money, you should know how to earn more money from the money you have. You should have the idea of investment, selling your abilities, business etc. But one should not possess with this idea that his efforts to earn money is only for himself and his family. He should also think that how can he transfer this knowledge to earn money to others who need it. He should try to employ more and more people to maintain the resources he has earned. Share the income with these employees. This will help those employees to run their families also and in return, they will work for you to make you prosper more. It is very important at this point to keep your employees always happy. This thing can only be possible if you are happy with your own self. And here correct understanding of spirituality can surely help you.


Role of spirituality in earning wealth

Spirituality teaches the human mind to reflect back on his action day to day basis or moment to moment basis, which is also very necessary if your goal is to earn wealth. If you reflect correctly, you will understand your obstacles and find solutions at your own to rectify your obstacles. Even sometimes you find difficult to find the solution to your problems exposed during self-reflection. But your self-reflection can surely help you to find the outside resource, exploring which you can get the solution.

Combination of spiritual and business mind

Spirituality prepare us how should we live our life ideally and it will always help one in his choices. If your choice is to earn money, spirituality will help you. If your choice is to have more knowledge, again spirituality will provide help. If your choice is to have stress free and peaceful mind, spirituality will help you in that also. Just make a choice, follow principles of spirituality with proper understanding, and apply those principles in following your choice and get the best result in it with your efforts, time to time self-reflection and acumen. There can be a possibility that a businessman can be highly spiritual and ascetic is highly materialistic. Spiritual mind is that mind which is blissful, happy, peaceful, full of love, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. These qualities can be attained by someone who is working in a materialistic world is also possible. So, a combination of a business mind with the spiritual mind in a person is very healthy for the business world.

Detachment: the virtue of spirituality

Spirituality teaches that one should not get too much attached to the results of his actions. This is applicable to that person also, whose goal is to earn as much as wealth possible. Too much attachment to the result of his actions creates stress, anguish, bottlenecks in mind, unproductiveness. Spirituality makes human mind present minded and not to worry too much for future or guilt for past. Surely, one must do sound planning, but during the time of action one must only act, not think for the future or past. He just concentrates to get as much productivity and efficiency from the present. If one applies these principles to earn wealth, he will surely be able to earn a satisfactory amount of wealth.

Spirituality and earning wealth: Not Contradictory

After sharing the above ideas, I would like to conclude that spirituality can surely help you to earn money. Both are not contradictory to each other. Rather matured understanding of spirituality can surely help you whatever goal you have made for yourself. It is very important in today’s stressful modern world to earn wealth with an integrated and peaceful mind. Following principles of wealth, one must try to become rich and following principles of spirituality, one must try to make its mind meditative. Following both, one can become rich as well as the meditative mind. More meditative mind you become, richer you can become as your mind become more productive and receptive through meditation towards your prime goal of life. The stressful and disturbed mind can lose even those resources which he had in past. So decide to be rich as well as spiritually advanced too.


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