Understanding the concept of emotional intelligence


The popularization of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence has become popular after the evolution of this concept from Daniel Goleman. Daniel wrote a book Emotional intelligence and it got so popular. Still, people are curiously reading this book. Lots of new researches are happening these days on this new science “ Emotional intelligence”. Many authors are writing deep and thoughtful articles on the same. More and more people are implementing in their lives emotional quotient. Organizations are thinking to implement emotional quotient among their employees. Business people are understanding the meaning of emotional intelligence in a business transaction with people. Family members are implementing emotional intelligence in dealing with each other. Teachers and professors deal with their students more intelligently in the emotional plane. Doctors are getting more conscious in terms of emotions with their patients.

Control of emotions of self and others

Emotional intelligence topic discovered by Daniel Goleman is very important in today’s social world. Emotional intelligence is the intelligence to control and manage your own and other’s emotions in constructive ways. The teaching of schools, families, and society is towards developing intellectual quotient rather than emotional intelligence. All human being feel the emotion in himself/ herself. Most of the people express their emotions in unmanaged ways. People don’t understand the intensity of emotions in them and they express them without any moderation. Understanding and managing emotions while dealing with the outside world is very important. According to Daniel Goleman, those people who are able to control their emotions can also deal with the other’s emotions too. Those who can regulate their emotions can deal with other’s emotions more effectively. Every human being experiences positive emotions like love, friendliness, enthusiasm, motivation, care, confidence etc. as well as negative experiences like jealousy, hatred, anger, frustration etc. If these emotions are not regulated, controlled and managed within, they can create havoc inside the mind and outside environment.

Four pillars of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence has four pillars: Perceiving, understanding, using and managing. It is very important to perceive what emotion is happening inside us. To have the perception of emotion, there should be proper awareness of emotion. After perceiving emotion, one should try to understand one’s emotions. One should understand the reasons behind emotions, type of emotion one is dealing with, how to express it etc. After the right understanding, one should know how to use your emotions. Let the decision of using one’s emotions should be his/ her. One should have full control of the usage of his/ her emotions. Emotions shouldn’t be expressed in an uncontrolled way. Finally, the management of emotions is required to be done thoroughly. Let the emotions not to be expressed in unmanaged ways.

Emotional awareness

Getting aware of one’s own emotions is not an easy task.  Most of the people are not even aware of the emotions they are going through. Emotions come to them like unwanted guests and they trouble them in changing their moods from normal to abnormal. Awareness of emotions of self and others allows you to manage mood swings of yourself as well as others too. Emotional awareness creates maturity in oneself to deal with his or other’s inner emotions. Emotional awareness is the first requirement for managing the emotions within itself. One should consciously observe the emotions one’s mind is going through. The moment when one observes his/her emotions, he or she gets acquainted with his or her emotions and find a way to deal with it.

Emotional expression

Everyone expresses his/ her emotions. But most of the time, their expressions are not under their control. Proper expression of emotions creates influence in others. Right expressions make you connect with the people in a better way. It can create emotions of love, friendliness, care, respect etc. for you in others. In case, emotional expression is not done in a proper way, then it can create anger, jealousy, hatred, sadness, frustration in others for you. The way one expresses his/ her emotions can dictate the reactions of others for you. The managed way of expressions of emotions is possible after right understanding and usage of emotions (as described in paragraph “Four pillars of emotional intelligence”).

Relationship of emotional intelligence with other types of intelligence

Besides emotional intelligence, there are many types of intelligence in a human being like academic intelligence, logic intelligence, social intelligence, career intelligence, physical health intelligence, Political intelligence etc. As the name suggests, other intelligence work in terms of academia, logic, dealing with society, dealing with career, physical health, politics etc. Though other intelligence seems independent, they also depend upon emotional quotient too. The person who is more emotional intelligence and can deal with his/ her emotions better way, he/ she can also develop and nurture other intelligence too. Development of other intelligence is also dependent upon moods of one’s minds and one’s moods are interrelated to the emotions running in the mind.















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