Product development

Unleashing behavior of new product development

Introduction to product development

Developing a product is an art. It requires study of the subjects related to product and its development. Nowadays, lots of new products are being developed, which are innovative, smart and user-friendly. Products which can cater larger needs of humanity get successful very fast. Development of technologies like the internet, artificial intelligence, and computer innovations have transformed the behavior of many products. In today’s era, new product development is happening in all areas like solar energy, wind energy, automobile, electronics, computer industry, information technology, power plants, healthcare, food industry, cosmetics etc. Different companies are coming up with new solutions in order to sustain in the market. Only those companies are leading which are ready to give new experiences to the customers in terms of products, solutions or knowledge.

Personal experiences of new product development

I have recently used the product called Alexa and I found this product is a wonderful product as it is smart, intelligent, and cater most of my needs. I can play any music within few milliseconds just through voice command. I can talk with the product, get information like news, weather, astrology etc. Development of such more products in the future have got lots of potentials. I feel companies should not only work upon the surface level needs of the customers, but companies should also work upon the hidden needs of customers also. My personal experience with product development is that only those companies are able to develop new products who have a strong urge to do it.  A burning desire to innovate is the mother of all great inventions.

The process of new product development

New products are to be developed by designers on the basis of knowledge of old related products, market needs, different interdisciplinary subjects, and competitor analysis. After having deep and thorough knowledge by the team of designers, there should be a relentless reflection from them to get new innovations in the product. Finding the void in the market and filling it with the innovative product is an art and those who are able to do this are leaders of the industry.  Every second new need is felt by the customers and market demands them to be fulfilled. Industries who are able to understand those needs and come up with the solution to fulfill such needs have the potential to get faith and reliability of the customers. The market as such is flux in nature and always needs new innovations from time to time. Very few entrepreneurs able to think for the future and get the new products to customers before time.

Needed elements for new product development

To produce the best solution for customers, besides creativity and innovation, there is a need for money, manpower, and infrastructure also. Inner motivation and strong desire to come up with the best solution are very important elements. Having deep knowledge of the product, market and competitors are also very important for new product development. Developing right strategy is another good element for product development. Intelligence to use the resources in the best way is another aspect required for good product development. Lots of brainstorming and discussions among stakeholders are important before planning the design of the new product.


Need for reflection before product development

Today customer is not only interested in high-quality products but cheap products also.  This requires lots of engineering and technical skills besides creative thinking from designers. I personally believe that new product development can’t happen just by having deep knowledge of the product, but there should be reflection and analysis on that deep knowledge and one should come out with new ideas. There should be a strong visualization of the existence of a product based on new and creative thinking in the future. Today, there are many tools through which visualization can be reinforced. The designer should be aware of those techniques and know how to implement those techniques in product development. Thinkers and innovators have gone deep in understanding the innovation process and by just following those principles, innovation in products can be performed rapidly.

Speeding the development of new product

Nowadays, many design tools have come up to speed the development of new products. Lots of computer-aided design, manufacturing, and analysis software are available to virtually design the product, virtually see the manufacturing of the product and analyze the product in a virtual environment.  These tools not only boost the development of products but also enable the designer to predict the user interface with the customers. In today’s era, when the market is highly competitive, rapid product development gives high chance to industries to grow in the market. Many new innovations are happening in the industries to intensify the speed of development of products. Innovators are trying to standardize their processes of developing new products and attain efficiency in new product developments.

Investments in new product developments

Recently, lots of investments have been put by industries in product development. Industries are understanding the needs of product development for their growth. Companies separate some amount for investment in framing new ideas, designs, and development of prototypes. Lots of mergers with advanced companies are happening these days for attaining better and new technologies in order to create sophisticated products for the customers. Advanced equipment, machines, and raw materials are developed to develop better products and companies have started investing in new equipment and machines also. Even companies are hiring many design based companies, which are specialized in innovating new designs for assisting in the manufacturing of new products. Companies invest in specialists, designers, innovators, thinkers and more manpower to get the best product.

Results of good and new developed product

Whenever the company comes up with new products, it gets credibility and faith of customers. It makes the customer aware of innovation happening in the company. New product development gives the edge to a competitor and allows them to lead in the market. Chances for gaining more market share is also possible through new product development. Employees become more innovative and skillful. In the eyes of Government, your company will be remarked as innovator and leader and company have more chances to fetch Government projects. The company will come up as a brand in a particular product. Depth in terms of knowledge and experience will also be developed, when a company comes up with the new product.

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