Digital Marketing

A new era of marketing: Digital marketing

Traditional marketing

Marketing is the deep core need of any business. Traditionally, hardcore marketing was performed to get the business from the customers. The salesman had to go door to door or industry to industry to attract the customer. The sharing of information was limited and time-consuming.  In long duration, very few customers could be enrolled in the business. Customer satisfaction was also not very good. The efforts required to get customers were also huge. Follow-ups, branding, remarketing, tracking customers and finding key customers all ask for lots of efforts and time. Beyond this, they are also not accurate.

The advent of digital marketing

A new era has come for marketing in the form of digital marketing after the advent of the internet. The Internet has got a large number of users online. Sharing information has become easier nowadays. Different social websites have come on the internet and interconnect the whole world in the form of large virtual society. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn has transformed the meaning of communication of people. Email and chat are another good sources of instant interactions. Many companies have started sharing their information in the form of websites. Youtube has totally changed the social virtual world and enhanced communication in the form of videos.  These all changes in the internet are very sharply observed by the corporate world and they found the internet is the biggest source of marketing and this introduced new subject called digital marketing.

Strengths of digital marketing

Digital marketing has totally changed the meaning of marketing. Through digital marketing, introducing products to people, branding, acquisition of customers, remarketing, selling, buying and financial transactions all have become very easy. It is almost mandatory for every business to have their website. Through the website, companies do branding of themselves, their products and their services. Companies have started marketing their products and services through social marketing websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube etc. As lots of people are available on these sites, so companies find them good tools to market their products. Also, marketing done digitally is actually mass marketing and convert a large number of prospective customers into real customers. Email marketing is also these days getting popular and companies are able to push their products silently in the minds of customers through emails.

Influence of digital marketing

Digital marketing takes care of every process of business transactions- from branding to buying to resell. The productivity and efficiency of digital marketing are very high. Digital marketing consists of website development, content marketing, social marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate marketing, Website analytics etc.  There are special content marketers, who work to generate contents for attracting customers, product information, reviews on products, business information etc. The idea is to grab the minds of customers to see the company’s products and services and gradually pull the mind to buy the product or service. Though customer is always independent and can buy products at his own choice from his chosen brand. Still, content marketing can influence the customer’s mind in a very subtle manner and get the customer to buy its product.


Reach of digital marketing

Digital marketing can reach to the different type of people: urban or rural, rich or poor, literate or illiterate etc. Digital marketing can be performed on some specific segments and focus on them with all strategies and planning. Through digital marketing, a company can reach to the number of customers, segment them into valuable and less valuable customers and develop strategies accordingly. In digital marketing, through right content, prospective customer mind is attracted towards products or services and customer numbers can be increased. In social websites, lots of data like age, hobbies, education, address, mobile number etc. are available. Companies can use that information, segment the customers on the basis of need and market accordingly on the website.

Acquisition of traffic

The most important point in digital marketing is how the company acquire traffic for itself. All tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, social marketing, Email marketing etc. are actually for the acquisition of new traffic for company products or services. When some traffic land on your website, it is very important that how is your customer journey on your website. This can be possible if the website is well developed, proper pages are designed, logical content, interesting videos, and images are put on the website. When the customer finds the website interesting, he wants to land again and again on your website, provided you update with more and more new information on your website and delight the mind of your customers. This will create more acquisition of traffic for your website.

Traffic thermometer

Initially, when the customer comes on your webpage, he may land on your page just by chance or through some reference. This traffic is cold traffic and you have to work deeper on them.  When traffic, again and again, comes to your webpage, they are called warm traffic. This traffic starts liking the content of your website. They enjoy reading your content. They have started becoming loyal to your website. After some time, the traffic may become a loyal fan of your website and they find every time your website informative and entertaining. This traffic is termed hot traffic. So the temperature of traffic varies from time to time. The idea is to attract cold traffic, work upon transforming cold traffic to warm traffic and finally get them into the zone of hot traffic and ultimately make them a buyer.


Listening heartbeat of customers

It is very important to do customer research properly before targeting them. Knowing the likes and dislikes of the customers, inclination of customers, goals, and aspirations of the customers, age bar of the customers etc. and finding how you can relate that information to your product. This will give you the best strategy to place your product. Digital marketing allows the company to keep track of customers. Transforming prospective customers into buyers depends upon your ability to connect with the right pulse of the customer. One should not push the products or services to the customer but pull the traffic to buy your products and services.

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