Experience 360-degree leadership in oneself

Introduction: Leadership

When you have something valuable to share with the world, people will start following you in that area and they let you feel like leader or guide. Leading people according to your vision is an art and requires lots of efforts physically, mentally and intellectually. The world has shown us lots of leaders and their style of leadership and efforts have given a lot to the society. There have been many leaders: valuable and invaluable according to what they have given to society.  The world needs a leader in different areas like politics, healthcare, manufacturing industry, spirituality and religion, automobile, finance etc.  for its growth and development. Good leaders give direction to society to how to think in a particular direction. Society needs leaders to get enthusiasm in a particular direction. I have read somewhere that good leader are not those who create followers but make more leaders and I personally feel that good leaders must be able to make new leaders through him and if some leader is able to make one more leader, this is one of the important success of his life. This also proves that leaders are not born but developed within society.

360-degree leadership

This concept was started by John C Maxwell, the renowned management speaker. According to him, even if one is not at a high position in the industry, one can lead the industry from within. When we are an employee in the company, there are some colleagues, who are above us in rank, some are at the same position and some are below us. Many of us feel powerless in leading those who are above us or in a similar position. But, John C Maxwell says that even if one is at a lower position or at middle management, one can turn out to be a good leader. Influencing people from all side is 360-degree leadership. Feeling not powerless in front of seniors is an important principle of 360-degree leadership. 360-degree leadership gives power to oneself to connect with employees of all level of the company.

Methods to develop 360-degree leadership

360-degree leadership initiates with the desire of leading all members of the organization. For this, one has something to share with the members of the organization. One should understand the psyche of different members of the organization and should give something valuable to them. Getting trust and faith of every employee of an organization is an important element of 360-degree leadership. For this, one should be able to take the responsibility of different colleagues. One should know how to make their colleagues happy.  One should know how to help their colleagues.  One should keep updating oneself and share his information through different tools with others.

Benefits of 360-degree leadership

360-degree leadership makes the person more responsible, happy, confident and inspired. This makes the person stronger and efficient in the organization. This enables oneself to show leadership skills before he actually gets into a leadership position. It gets the respect from every member of an organization. 360-degree leadership enables you to get fast promotion in the company. It enables one to understand the activities of the organization in a more matured way. 360-degree leadership makes one be proactive and self-dependent. Chances for employees to get friendly to 360 leader is more. 360-degree leadership enables one to understand the organization from all levels- lower, middle and higher and hence their decision will be more matured and successful.

Developing habit of 360-degree leadership

360-degree leadership can be learned by anyone if one is ready to transform his habits according to required skills for 360-degree leadership. One should be ready to connect with all employees. One should be always prepared to share oneself with other colleagues. One should have an eye to see one’s career in the vision of the organization. One should try to align oneself and others with the priorities of companies. One should understand the thoughts of other colleagues and help them to achieve their goals in life. One should try to think rightly for oneself, others and the company. One should strive to transform their habits in such a way so that leadership skills of oneself will improve.  One should know how to manage their emotions, time, energy, priorities and activities. 360-degree leaders are having loads of responsibilities on them and they should know how to lift those responsibilities. The lifting of responsibilities get you noticed and show you a team player.

Impact of 360-degree leadership in the organization

The organization always need good leaders. Having a leader from middle management is always beneficial for the overall development of an organization. Most of the time, leaders are at the top and they can plan high ideals for the company. But, to execute those goals, the company needs many 360 degree leaders in middle management. 360 leaders are keen on tough jobs and give all efforts to get the results, which is always good for the organization. The 360-degree leader is ready to sacrifice personal goals for the development of the organization. For 360 degree leaders, the goal is more important than their role. The organization always want to promote 360-degree leaders as they are more effective in terms of getting results. 360-degree leaders think beyond management and leadership in terms of longer goals. 360-degree leadership help to push beyond limits.

Think beyond 360-degree leadership

Think one has become the owner of the organization, how will then one will deal with the company? One will care for that organization as its own baby, shows concern for everything. Thinking beyond 360-degree leadership means the same. One should feel that the organization belongs to oneself and every member of an organization is part of one’s family. In this way, more responsibility will come to an employee. Managers are needed to teach not to control but to release power to other employees. One should learn to listen to the heartbeat of higher management and work in synchronization with the vision of higher management. Teach leaders to think- beyond 360-degree leadership!

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